So, I guess your home isn’t quite ticking all the boxes for you right now? Maybe your home’s layout doesn’t suit how you want to live? Perhaps you need more space for your family? Maybe you’re already wondering about extending your home?

If so, you’re in the right place. I am an architectural designer who specialises in creative home redesign.

My name is Jon, and I help everyday homeowners just like you to redesign their home in a way that improves the way you live.

“Jon was a breath of fresh air. He listened to what we were trying to achieve, made the whole design process simple and produced excellent drawings…”

Terry Rogers, Heysham

And I know what you’re thinking.

Don’t I just need a set of plans? Do I really need an Architect or Architectural Designer? Won’t it be expensive?

You may think that. But typically, my design will add value to your home greater than your investment with me. Getting the right design will underpin the success of your whole project. We are talking about YOUR home here! The place where you spend a huge proportion of your life.

Renovating or extending your home is likely to be the single biggest investment you make after buying your home. So why on earth would you cut corners on such a big investment?



Your home doesn’t suit the way you’d like to live

Unless you’ve just built your own dream home, it’s likely parts of your home just don’t work for you. After all, most people’s homes were not tailored made for them. But your home could be tailored made for you if I redesign it. Often a few simple changes can have a big impact.

You don’t have enough space at home

I hear you. Most homes don’t provide the amount or quality of space today’s families would like. The outdated layout of many older properties can include under-used wasted space. My clients love my practical approach to redesigning their homes! First, I look at how to make better use of the space you’ve already got. Then I consider how to add extra space. You may not need a huge extension.

You’re not sure whether to move or improve

This can be so tricky! Moving house is really expensive, but it can sometimes still be the right choice. But how can you decide? Maybe you love where you live and don’t want to move. But you can’t see a way your house could ever suit your needs. I can help you break this catch-22 by exploring what is really possible with your home. Then you can make an informed choice to move or improve.


You’re not sure what could be done to your home without planning permission

So, you’d like to know what type of improvement work can be done to your home without applying for planning permission. Quite a lot, in many cases. I can check your home’s permitted development rights and tell you exactly what can be done without planning permission, so you know your options.

You’re not sure if you’ll need planning permission for your specific project

Maybe you’ve already got a specific project in mind, such as a dormer loft conversion or rear extension, but you’re not sure if it’ll need planning permission. I can tell you if your project will need planning permission or not, so you don’t get yourself into hot water!

You’re not sure how [& if] you could get planning permission for your project

Are you worried about getting planning permission for your home improvement project? Don’t stress yourself out over this. I make this painless for my clients by developing a planning strategy for their project giving them the best chance of gaining planning permission.


You have no idea about building control or building regulations and how it applies to your project

Hmm…the building regulations, maybe you’ve heard of them but that’s about it. The building regulations are standards for design and construction and it’s likely they apply to your project. It sounds complicated, and it can be. The good news is, if you are one of my clients, you don’t have to worry about the building regulations. I’ll take care of it on your behalf, no sweat.

You don’t know how to comply with building control’s requirements

Maybe you’ve done a renovation before and had some experience with building control. But you’re not quite sure what is required for your next project. I’ve worked on hundreds of home renovation projects and have an in-depth knowledge of the current building regulations. Leave it to me, I’ll make sure your project complies.

You just don’t know where to start with building control

Do I need building control approval? When should I apply for building control approval? Should I submit a full plans application or a building notice? Argh!!! Building control can be confusing. Save yourself the bother by hiring someone like me to deal with building control matters for you.


It all started in the summer of 1996, the peak of the Britpop-era. I was living with Mum and Dad and I’d just been to my first music festival, V96. With a head-full of indie anthems, I started to ponder what on earth to do now I’d left school…

Before the end of that year, I got my first proper job at an award-winning Architects in Lancaster. At first, I spent most days on my own in the print room. Printing copies of architectural plans whilst listening to the Britpop on the office FM radio.

Now I’m a Chartered Architectural Technologist running my own architectural design business, and I still love 90’s indie anthems! I’ve travelling the world, moved from Lancashire to Norfolk, got married and become a Dad! Although not necessarily in that order.



Everyday homeowners

People with a renovation budget less than 250k

People developing property in England


People who ‘just need a set of plans’

Commercial clients




Have the home you want without moving!


Get planning permission, without hassle.


Make sure you comply with current building regulations.

Jon was a breath of fresh air. He listened to what we were trying to achieve, made the whole design process simple and produced excellent drawings. We would like to thank Jon for his hard working ethic, professionalism and integrity throughout the design process and would recommend Complete Architecture to anyone who is looking for a building design.

Terry Rogers, Heysham

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